Iain's Gizmos

Iain's Gizmos

  • Cool Gallery with 36 Photoshop Files in 10,000 x 5,000 pixels

    A cool gallery displayed in 10,000 x 5,000 pixel resolution with 36 Photoshop files.

    What is nice about this gallery is that is has been created in photoshop.

    Why is this a great feature?

    Having a photoshop template for the gallery means that you can add all your images to the directory where all your images are stored – the photoshop files will now link to all the images making creating a gallery super-easy and super-fast.

  • Functioning Mobile Skin Project with 4 Tabs

    Functioning Mobile Skin Project with 4 Tabs

    Want to see what it looks like on your mobile device – check out the working skin here – https://bit.ly/3zQLukF

    Video of Skin in action – https://youtu.be/ravB6BTR0HA

  • Clean, Modern Gallery

    Clean, Modern Gallery is a set of 24 – 10,000×5,000 panoramas of a virtual modern gallery suitable for all types of artwork.  There are 24 pre-positioned artwork surfaces. All you have to do is add the new Hotspot Editor to the artwork locations and link them to the files.

    One nice feature is that the Gallery gives access to 2 adjoining rooms. All that is required is a link to create a completely new gallery containing another 24 / 48 pieces of art.


  • Password Protection for your Virtual Tours

    Have you been looking for an easy way to password protect and showcase your virtual tours, all in one nice package that is intuitive?

    Create unlimited virtual tours that tie back to either your own hosting or 3DVista’s hosting.  Our solution also masks the original URL so your customer’s do not know where your virtual tours are hosted – e.g. AWS etc.

    Depending on your annual subscription, you can showcase all your tours on a single website – backgrounds, thumbnails, images etc., can all be customized to suit.

    Multiple languages – 19 languages in fact (Chinese, Dutch, German, English, French, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Turkish and Vietnamese.

    Responsive website, so works on Mobile Device.

    Here is an example to try – https://360tourprotect.com/showcase/passwordexample (password is unlock)

    You can sign up for a free 7 day trial at https://360tourprotect.com/

  • Exhibition Hall

    There is a set of five virtual panoramas rendered as  5000 × 2500px suitable for an exhibition hall.

  • Mobile Skins

    The four mobile skins are:

    1 – Info + Google Map 
    2 – Info + Photo
    3 – Window
    4 – iFrame

    Customize the colors to suit any project.

    Save hours of work, just import the Skin and change the information.


  • Horizontal Measurement Hotspots

    17 Horizontal White Imperial and Metric Hotspot Measurement Icons

  • 3D Type Picture Hotspots

    A set of three 3D type hotpot icons allowing you to add in your own pictures in the the middle to create a unique and different experience for your user.

  • 3D Metal Style Picture Frame

    This is a 3D Picture Frame that you can add to you panoramas to frame your prints or videos.

    The included file is a PNG file renamed in order to bring in as a Video Hotspot.

    I have included an image in the Picture Frame so that you can see what it looks like.

    Instructions on usage supplied with purchase.

  • Loading 360 Tour Video – 3D

    This is a short 3D mp4 file for your loading screen.