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  • Multipage Loading Screen Skin Elements

    Multipage Loading Screen Elements.
    2 different skin elements that can be used as Loading Screens for your Virtual Tours, each has multiple pages.

    Check out the demos:

    Loading Screen with Dots
    Loading Screen with Arrows

  • Skwiky_20A04_Photo_Frame_V1

    A responsive pop up window, composed of 4 Photo placeholder and a text area.
    A click on the thumbnail will  trigger the change on the larger photo.

  • Keypad 4 digits

    With this keypad skin element you can create your own 4 digit code in a few steps. Instructions how to do this are included in the download.

    Take a look at the keypad in a tour, the right code in this tour is 1234:

    You can choose every action you like after submitting the right code.

    You can use this keypad as a login for your (clients) tour, or as an element for for example a virtual escaperoom.

    The keypad works well on desktop, tablet and mobile.

  • Passcode

    Passcode protect panoramas, etc…
    You will have to figure out how to change passcode
    No directions, or explanation, it has lots and lots of elements. (It’s Free, it might take awhile but follow the tree)
    Current passcode 4235 enter

  • Sale!

    Virtual Keyboard

    The first-ever Keyboard element (container) for password entry.
    Entirely built inside 3dvista, so no additional scripting knowledge required.
    If you have a restricted Panorama and wish to provide one password for everyone (paid visit) to get the access then this can be used.
    Can provide secure password method for various tasks as the submit button is going to cause a user included action so any type of action can be defined.

  • YouTube Style VideoGallery_Window

    (UPDATE: QUICK START: How to Install VideoGallery_Window is now available in the product description and will be included in your purchase email. We want to apologize for not including it sooner but let you know it is available now! 😃👍🏽)

    An interactive window to showcase your video files. Styled similar to a YouTube gallery, you can include your YouTube Banner and logo as well as a custom Play Button that appears when you hover over any of the thumbnails.

    The base template features 15 videos, but you can remove or add videos as needed. Replace the thumbnails, header & logo with your own and then link each thumbnail to your own videos.

    Possible uses include:

    – Linking to Youtube embed in PopUp or link directly to Video inside of 3DVista.

    – Repurpose as a general navigation for your site and link to Panoramas instead of Videos

    – Use as a Photo Gallery instead of a Video Gallery

    – Easily edit and customize any element in the “Skin Properties” Tab to make it work the way you want it to!

    The possibilities are endless, but now you have a great starting point!

    God Bless,


  • Buy Window Red

    Instructions for using this component in Virtual Tour Pro:

    – Download and unzip the .zip file.
    – In Virtual Tour Pro, go to the top menu option File / Import / User’s Hotspots & Skin Library and select the unzipped file (.vtl). This will add it to your library (this step is the same for buttons, hotspots, etc.)
    – Go to the “skin” tab and click on the “Sets” icon on the right. Search for the new component, click on its thumbnail, hit the “select” button and click on your screen to add it.