3D Car Template – inspired by 3DVista V3 (Dec 28th)

3D Car Template – inspired by 3DVista V3 (Dec 28th)

If you struggled like I did when the new 3D option came out, then you are not alone.  After watching some videos, I thought I would do a simple project that you can download and try.

All the assets are freely available on the internet – so have included an assets folder with everything I used.This is a 3D Model Car Template inspired by 3DVista.

This is just a template showing you how the 3D Model is setup so you can use for your own projects – use this as a starter or ue it as reference.

We utilis the lights and environment function for day time reflections as well as nighttime.

You can see the working file here – https://optimus360.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/Car%20Template%20-%20AWS/index.html

I will update overtime with new features, so if you have already purchased, you will get the updates for FREE.

All assets in the package are available online as FREE assets.

Not optimized for Mobile Use at this time.