HCG – 12K Modular Gallery – White Edition with Info-Monolith

HCG – 12K Modular Gallery – White Edition with Info-Monolith

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Honey Comb Gallery “White Edition” is a set of:

  • 6 x white gallery high-quality panoramas (12k – 12000×6000 .png )
  • 6 x prefabricated arranged walls with works of art (.png)
  • 6 x Photoshop Templates (.psd)
  • 1 x finished tour with hotspots (.vtp)
  • 1 x floor plan as orientation with camera positions
  • Grid layer included


  • You are not restricted like with other panorama sets.
  • The shape enables infinitely expandable spaces.
  • Arrange the rooms (honeycombs) thematically.
  • It is more than just a room, with the honeycombs you can create a complete modular gallery.
  • Especially in VR mode, viewers often get anxious, so the roof of our gallery (from the honeycomb) is open.

Very easily:

  • Use the prefabricated walls in the PSD-Template
  • Or just use the panorama and use the new 3D Vista “Transform Settings – Adjust pictures freely in perspective

Update (01/2022)
With a cover layer, you can make the monolith visible or invisible in every panorama picture. The middle area can be used individually for the new 3D Vista function “Add 3D object”.

Demo (Only the white rooms are included in this package )
3 Rooms black and white combined with monoliths

Demo (Black Edition – Not included in this package just as an example)
1 Room black with white monolith

Video Tutorial


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