Blckdesign – Animated Loadings & Hotspots (White)

Blckdesign – Animated Loadings & Hotspots (White)

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A complete set of Animated Circles perfect for Loadings Screens and for Hotspots or Floor Hotspots.

Two different Uses inside the software.

15 different beautiful animations of spining circles. They have a small shadow to use it in any background, bright and dark.

Use them to add some animation to your loadings screens and make the waiting less boring.

With the new Hotspots Editor (currently only in beta version), use them like stuning floor hotspots to indicate the position of the next panoramas. You will be able to select them and rotate in 3D to fix to the floor’s perspective.

15 different designs (24fps apng files). Normal version (150x150px),  Big version (300x300px) and .vtl file for easy import as a hotspots.

You can change the animation speed in VT Pro (FPS option)

See demo: Animated Loadings and Hotspots Tour Example

Tutorial video:

I can add new color versions to the market if users need it. (Write a comment/review)



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