Blckdesign – Animated icons Pack 2 (Transparent)

Blckdesign – Animated icons Pack 2 (Transparent)

A complete set of Transparent animated icons.

Keep your panoramas clearer with these small and homogeneous icons, and reveal the content of the icon only when the user mouse over it. An original way of interacting with content.

49 total elements (24fps apng files). With the new Hotspot Editor, you can use the “Up Arrow” icon to rotate it on all axes to achieve any direction and perspective. The best way to achieve this is to first define the direction or rotation of the arrow (up, right…) and then use the “free mode” to adapt it to the perspective of the floor.

You can change the animation speed in VT Pro (FPS option)

See demo: Animated Icons Tour Example

*Compatible Style to use in combination with all Pack 2 Animated icons (same icons, different colors)

Library file (.vtl) provided

Icons resolution: 120x120px. / Size: about 400kb



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