Blckdesign – Animated Button Menus (Settings & Share options)

Blckdesign – Animated Button Menus (Settings & Share options)

Complete Drop-down menu with the most common options to control the Settings of your Virtual Tours (VR, Fullscreen, Mute, etc.) It also includes a second menu (combinable or not) with the Sharing options of the main platforms (Whatstapp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
All buttons have an eye-catching animated rollover effect.
The product includes an importable library with 4 Menu Variants:
– Menu 1: In neutral black color.
– Menu 2: In blue. With a different opening and closing animation of the menu.
– Menu 3: In red. Only the Settings menu is visible. The Sharing one is hidden so it can be activated if needed.
– Menu 4: Transparent color. A single menu with all the Settings and Sharing options in the same space.

The 4 Menus have their corresponding version for mobile format. The library in total includes 8 different elements (4 desktop and 4 mobile).

Button background colors are fully editable. Although you can use one of the 4 preset colors, from the program you can change the color in the different states of the button. Icons with animation have a fixed white color, so the background can be changed to any color and the button will display correctly.

Library file (.vtl) provided

Icons resolution: 100x100px.

This product matches perfectly with the entire Blckdesign animated hotspot icon series

See demo in action

Video tutorial (with how to import, change colors, remove or reorder buttons)