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  • Navigation Menu

    Skin wir slide-down menu for Panoramas and floorplan-menu with dropdown for floor-lever and viewpoints.

  • Elegant Vehicle skin

    • A simple to use skin which works especially well for vehicles!
    • You can view a sample of the skin here!
    • Photoshop files included for easy customization!
  • MacNimation – Tablet Instruction – Gestures Animated

    A transparent and white animation of the Tablet Gestures. The example animation was recorded for a 3DVista panorama using a container and a semi transparent blue background to show the animation. The download contains 1 x looping version and 1 x play once version. If this is of interest to you and you might require it in another language please contact me with the translated text and I will provide it.

  • Clean Skin (Updated – V2)

    A clean 3D Vista skin with all elements layd out for you. If you’re new to 3D Vista or you don’t have the time to layout the things yourself then this skin is for you. It will save you time. Instructions included. See a preview here!

    By buying this skin you get the animated foorsteps, animated mouse and animated phone for FREE!!

    Version 2 has now all the social media share options added, and a more clean intro window.

  • Sale!

    Share Icon Set

    This social media share icon set is designed to bring the tour to your clients! Works with 3DVista’s Social Sharing! It includes a collection of primary color icons, all with 3D elements to bring it to life!

    Check it out Here in a tour!

  • Sale!

    Mega Asset Bundle Icon Set

    Get this huge bundle of 360 Virtual Tour Assets for a low price! 147 total Icons including: VR Headset Icons, Email Icons, Collapse Arrows Icons, Map Icons, Map Pin Icons, Radar Icons, Share Icons and Tripod Caps!! All downloadable to your Tour Library!

    View them in a tour here:

  • Sale!

    Custom Tripod Cap Set

    Upgrade your tripod caps with these custom versions! This set of 3 can be easily imported to your Library!

    Check out a Tour here to see!


  • Sale!

    Radar Icon Set

    These Radar Icons are designed to link with Radars for maps or Floorplan tours! They add a level of professionalism to your tour. Easy import to the Library. Multiple colors to match your tour theme!

    Check out a Tour here to see!


  • Sale!

    Map Pin Icon Set

    These Map Pin Icons are designed as a radar hotspot icon! Whether it’s for a Map or a Floorplan tour, these colored icons will make your tour more professional. Multiple colors to choose from to match your tour theme. Easy import to your Library!

    Check out a Tour here to see!