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    21 set of animated button set with text, arrow , and icon , ” *.apng “

    Animated popup icon button with all symbol, set of 21 animated button  basic requirement of text, 3d icon, and animated arrows, all are with ” *.apng  “format, with pre-text , ver useful for making virtual tour for villa, interior,

    you can use it also as a button

    Click here to view sample link : Sample demo

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  • 61 Technology Animated Hotspots Icons

    61 Animated Technology Hotspots Icons designed for maximum usability in any project.

  • 77 Business Animated Hotspots Icons

    77 Business Animated Hotspots Icons designed for maximum usability in any project.
    Each icon has its unique animation and are infinite loopable. All animated icons have a transparent background.

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    Customized Tab Menu

    An advanced skin for the advance users.
    It allows you to have more space to view the panorama while keeping the menus hidden.
    The tabs are fully customized and built within 3DVista.
    Customize the colour of the elements to your liking.
    Fully responsive for desktop and mobile version.
    Icons can be changed further and the properties of the tab can be changed as well.

    Check the Preview here.

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  • MacNimation – Blue With Transparent fill and a subtle drop shadow

    A Full set of Blue icons with a transparent fill and a subtle drop shadow. 148 icons in 3 sizes to keep quality if resizing. Use a size already closest to the size you may need.

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    3D rotary knob (blue)

    3D rotary knob with 3 function status buttons.

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    30 Spherical panorama renderings of a warehouse. Suitable for creating virtual exhibitions and galleries. Multiple layers for optional panorama manipulations are included such as: Lighting Overlay, ZDepth, Mask, Placement Grid. All panoramas are: 8000x4000px

  • Sale! Animated MegaPack icons by Blckdesign

    Blckdesign – Mega Pack Animated icons (9 color sets)

    Full Mega Pack with the 9 color sets of Animated Icons by Blckdesign.

    – Black set (71 animated icons)
    – Brown set (71 animated icons)
    – Orange set (71 animated icons)
    – Red set (71 animated icons)
    – Purple set (71 animated icons)
    – Green set (71 animated icons)
    – Blue set (71 animated icons)
    – Dark blue set (71 animated icons)
    – Violet set (71 animated icons)

    Semi transparent in normal mode and turn into solid color on rollover mode.
    Perfect visibility on any type of background.
    639 total elements (24fps apng files), included different perspectives and degrees of Arrows to adapt to any “floor” (left, left up, up, right and right up)

    You can change the animation speed in VT Pro (FPS option) or use them as static icons.

    See demo: Animated Icons Tour Example

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  • 40 ICON BLUE

    40 icona blu per tour virtuale