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  • CSS Add On For Blaze Menu

    Important – In order for this solution to work, you must have purchased a copy of Blaze Menu from the 3DVista Marketplace.

    CSS and JS Addons – to work with Blaze Menu

    We have developed one detailed and comprehensive CSS file that works with with some cut and paste JS code that overrides some of the settings and adds fantastic additional functionality to the Blaze Menu you purchased.

    Here is a demo of what we have done to enhance Blaze Menu:


    Easy set-up

    There is only one file that you need to upload to your server during the publish event with your other project files and some JavaScript code to paste into an Execute JavaScript action within your project. You only need to upload the CSS file once unless you want to make changes.

    Within the CSS Code, you can change the box size etc.

    Images will come from the Blaze Menu JSON file that you create.

    Best of all – No coding skills required

    You will be up and running in less than 15 minutes.

    That’s it!

    The custom CSS and JS files will make an excellent addition to anyone’s portfolio.

  • Blaze Menu

    Blaze Menu is a Javascript based, interactive menu that will add a modern web application flavor to your tours

  • JavaScript library and documentation

    JavaScript library for creating custom scripts for virtual tours in 3D Vista

  • Pulse Animation for Hotspots

    Pulse animation for hotspots

  • Hotspot manipulation

    Scripts enabling hotspot customization (rotation, distortion and others)

  • Password Protect: htaccess+htpasswd files

    Take the files from the tutorial ( and customize them to your own needs.
    Replace USERNAME and VIRTUALTOURFOLDER with your own. And follow the steps in the tutorial.

    Works only on webservers using Apache.

    Webservers using something else such as NGINX, doesn’t work.

    If you don’t know which webserver you’re using, contact your hosting provider.


  • Fade in / out animations for hotspots

    Animated fade in and fade out transitions for hotspots