Meeting Point Icons

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  • Meeting Point Icons

    Set of 7 Meeting point vector icons for your virtual tour needs

  • Arrow collection icons

    20 beautifully designed yellow arrow icons

  • MacNimation – Hotspot Kit

    A set of 30 coloured pulsating Hotspots. This hotspots are compatible with the new Hot spot Editor.

    A Set of 149 icons in white

    A set of 149 icons in black ( The black icons in the example gallery are the same as the white ones)

    You can either just use the hot spots or their own, and with the new editor rotate them 360 degrees to suit the panoramas perspective.

    You can also overlay the icons to either always be showing or, add actions to show and hide on mouse event. (Example animation in the Gallery)

  • MacNimation – Coloured Hotspots based on Circle Point 1

    A Set of 12 Animated hotspots based on the Default Circle Point 1 in 3Dvista.
    Ideals as Hotspots and ready for the new Hotspot Editor.

  • Deeplink and Social share

    Add a button that will copy to clipboard a link to currently opened panorama with view rotation and zoom

    Live demo

    Feel free to send your questions and feedback to my email 

  • MacNimation – Mouse control – Navigation Instructions – 16 Languages

    This is the same set of Black and White Mouse control png images in my other sets but without the text instructions embedded in the images.
    Instead, I am providing 16 text files with each language listed below for you to position yourself and to add the instruction text anywhere you wish. Open the English Text file (Or your own native language text file) and open the others beside it, it will match the translations as they are in the correct order.
    These languages were translated using a professional translation company and proof read as Business languages.

  • Blckdesign – Animated Loadings & Hotspots (White)

    A complete set of Animated Circles perfect for Loadings Screens and for Hotspots or Floor Hotspots.

    Two different Uses inside the software.

    15 different beautiful animations of spining circles. They have a small shadow to use it in any background, bright and dark.

    Use them to add some animation to your loadings screens and make the waiting less boring.

    With the new Hotspots Editor (currently only in beta version), use them like stuning floor hotspots to indicate the position of the next panoramas. You will be able to select them and rotate in 3D to fix to the floor’s perspective.

    15 different designs (24fps apng files). Normal version (150x150px),  Big version (300x300px) and .vtl file for easy import as a hotspots.

    You can change the animation speed in VT Pro (FPS option)

    See demo: Animated Loadings and Hotspots Tour Example

    Tutorial video:

    I can add new color versions to the market if users need it. (Write a comment/review)


  • 5 animated footsteps APNG

    6-step model
    4-step model
    6-step vertial model
    Model 6 steps direct
    Model 6 steps left


  • Macnimation-Chevrons 2-Multicolored

    A Set of 18 Chevrons in 9 colours and 2 styles. Each of the 9 colours comes in a solid and a stroked effect.
    Ideally suited for the new Hotspot editor where you can rotate on the x,y and also z axis to fit any direction and axis in a panorama.