• Blckdesign – Animated icons Pack (Pink)

    A complete set of Pink animated icons.

    Semi transparent in normal mode and turn into Pink on rollover mode.
    Perfect visibility on any type of background.
    71 total elements (24fps apng files), included different perspectives and degrees of Arrows to adapt to any “floor” (left, left up, up, right and right up)

    You can change the animation speed in VT Pro (FPS option)

    See demo: Animated Icons Tour Example

    I can add new color versions to the market if users need it. (Write a comment/review)

  • Custom Little Planet Hotspot / Nadir Photoshop Action

    This Adobe Photoshop action is designed to quickly and easily create the infamous ‘Little Planet’ view to use as your icon hotspots.

    *Please note your copy of Photoshop should have its language set to ‘English’ or it might not work as expected.


  • MacNimation – Spinning Earth

    This is 4 Spinning Earth Globes with Transparency. Each Icon comes in 2 sizes large and small. The small can be used as a skin element and the large can be used as a loading animation, or wherever you require a larger detailed version. The animated gif thumbnail is lower quality and the loop is seamless.

  • MacNimation – Animated Drone Set for Hot spots

    A Set of animated PNG files of a Phantom 3 Professional and a Mavic Pro 2.
    These are highly detailed 3D Models rendered at 24 fps in 2, 4 and 10 second looping animations. Use the ones you require. The 10 second animations are larger file sizes so test to make sure they will work in your environment.
    All Animated pngs have been optimized to retain quality and reduce the file size as much as possible.
    The animated GIF in the Gallery shows the animated Drones in 3DVista.

  • Exhibition Stand – 6 x 3

    A 6 x 3 exhibition stand with the placeholder for;

    1. Side panel branding/information
    2. Backwall branding/logo
    3. TV for videos
    4. Table for hotspot such as meeting
    5. Information counter for hotspot such company website and many more!

    Demo product at this link https://storage.net-fs.com/hosting/6469012/77/

    This product comes with 3 views and 1 top layout


    12K x 6k px Spherical Panoramas of a Gallery space.
    4 versions: No frames, Portrait, Landscape & Mixed Frames.
    Each version contains 3 camera positions.
    Includes ZDepth Channel & Grid Layer

  • Tripod Cap Set 01 (Compass)

    Set of compass-style tripod caps.
    Designed to cover the tripod in your panoramas and to define the panorama’s correct orientation.
    Four different colors.

    Here you can see a sample tour

  • Sale!

    6 Pack Stackable Animated Navigation Icons


    Includes 6 different icons, can be stacked with other icons in the set to create your on custom buttons and effects.



    10,00 5,00
  • Keypad 4 digits

    With this keypad skin element you can create your own 4 digit code in a few steps. Instructions how to do this are included in the download.

    Take a look at the keypad in a tour, the right code in this tour is 1234:

    You can choose every action you like after submitting the right code.

    You can use this keypad as a login for your (clients) tour, or as an element for for example a virtual escaperoom.

    The keypad works well on desktop, tablet and mobile.

  • Sale! Footsteps Hotspot

    Animated: Footsteps Hotspot

    Footsteps hotspot, animated hotspots.

    3,50 2,50
  • CINEMA – 8K Panorama

    8000x4000px panorama suitable for virtual cinema, conference, presentation.

  • Basic Menu with sub-menus

    This is the tutorial how to built it yourself from scratch:

    If you’d like to see the final version and compare it with your own built to see where you maybe made a mistake, this can help you learn.

    Or if you prefer not to built it and just quickly get started of course 🙂