• Deeplink and Social share

    Add a button that will copy to clipboard a link to currently opened panorama with view rotation and zoom

    Live demo

    Feel free to send your questions and feedback to my email 

  • Mouse and Navigation Instruction Control – French

    This is a Mouse Control Instructional graphic in French that can be added so that it shows at the beginning of a Tour on Start and also can be shown with the click of a icon when required. The grey background in the image is not in the downloaded file. It is white on transparent background.

  • Bubble Icon Photoshop Photo File

    This Adobe Photoshop file allows you to easily make attractive Icons suitable for Hotspots.
    ✓ Easy to use
    ✓ 4 Shine Effects


    Free PSD template suitable for multiple gallery navigation. Includes 4 artwork/info window placeholders.
    With this, you can expand your existing GRISEO gallery X4 times!

  • Sale!

    3DVista Shopify Plugin

    This plugin allows you to securely integrate a Shopify store into a 3DVista virtual tour within minutes.

  • MacNimation 360 Animated Icons White

    A set of 6 (2 Bonus) Animated icons displaying the 360 VR world. Each Icon is seamlessly looping. The GIF image only shows a 10 second loop, the skipping does not apply to the icons. If you would like your own logo in place of the text please let me know.

  • Sale! Animated MegaPack icons by BlckdesignBlckdesign – Mega Pack Animated icons (9 color sets)

    Blckdesign – Mega Pack Animated icons (9 color sets)

    Full Mega Pack with the 9 color sets of Animated Icons by Blckdesign.

    – Black set (71 animated icons)
    – Brown set (71 animated icons)
    – Orange set (71 animated icons)
    – Red set (71 animated icons)
    – Purple set (71 animated icons)
    – Green set (71 animated icons)
    – Blue set (71 animated icons)
    – Dark blue set (71 animated icons)
    – Violet set (71 animated icons)

    Semi transparent in normal mode and turn into solid color on rollover mode.
    Perfect visibility on any type of background.
    639 total elements (24fps apng files), included different perspectives and degrees of Arrows to adapt to any “floor” (left, left up, up, right and right up)

    You can change the animation speed in VT Pro (FPS option) or use them as static icons.

    See demo: Animated Icons Tour Example

  • Blckdesign Complete Skin

    Complete Skin, ideal for Real Estate and Tourism, although adaptable to any project.

    Neat and clean design. Get a professional look on your tours thanks to this useful and intuitive Skin.

    Responsive Screens and adaptive Mobile version.

    Customize the colors to suit any project. All blue elements are easily editable without using external programs.

    Save hours of work, just import the Skin and change the information.

    See demo: Blckdesign Complete Skin

    Video Tutorial of “How to use” included

  • Tripod Caps Set 02

    Set of tripod caps in different colors.
    Designed to cover the tripod in your panoramas. You can use them directly, or customize them and use them as a design base to put your company logo on top.
    Four different colors and three variations for each color.

  • 360 Icon in Colour – Animated APNG

    A 360 Icon Animated in colour. Full seamless loop.

  • Animated fade in / out transitions for hotspots

    Animated fade in and fade out transitions for hotspots

  • JavaScript library and documentation

    JavaScript library for creating custom scripts for virtual tours in 3D Vista