MacNimation – Panorama Hotspots – Black with Drop Shadow

MacNimation – Panorama Hotspots – Black with Drop Shadow

This is a set of Hot-spots intended for Panoramas and not Skin elements. Black with animated borders and transparent fill and animated icon. 8 Arrow directions in 6 Perspectives to suit all panorama angles as required.
Also 20 matching animated icons for use in Panoramas also.
Also an animated matching dot hot-spot that can be used as a general hot-spot, also in 6 perspectives.
Also, a set of static png files of the 8 arrows that can also be used as a placeholder and the animated icons used as a roll-over…your choice.
If you want this same set in a different color then please contact me by leaving a comment.

*I have over 200 Icon Symbols in my Catalog that I designed and it does not make sense to provide a set with all icons as most may not be required by individuals. If you like the set but require other icon symbols please purchase and comment that you want additional icons in the set. I will email you back and we then work on it. I will offer up to 3 free additional icons of you needs. Over 3 I may need to charge.


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