In-depth tracking, registration and login, payment gateway integration

In-depth tracking, registration and login, payment gateway integration

All in one microsite platform
• Combine 3dvista with additional feature such as registration and login, advance tracking and analytics reporting, payment gateway, live chat with polls and Q&A

• Registration and Login
Users can register and fill in certain fields which you can view on the backend.
Username and password will be emailed to the users

• Advance Tracking
When user login into the microsite with enter with their email and password, whatever hotspot or skin, the clicks will be tracked. With it, you will know each user journey. If GA is use, data will be anonymous.


• Live chat with Polls and Q&A
Live chat can also be embedded to 3dvista and their login name will be shown.
All users will be able to talk to one another and admin will have the ability to create Polls and Q&A

• Payment Gateway
We can integrate gateway such as stripe as a wall to unlock content or as a system to pay for a ticket before viewing the 360. This can be combine with our registration system which we know who have or have not paid for it

This is a one time service. I do not sell the entire code. Per project, you would need to re-purchase this.

Hosting have to be done by us as well.

Price varies per project.
For example, for 1 month of hosting with registration, login and tracking and chat function and 100pax of guests. It will be $4000 Euro

Please write to to request this service.