Icon Creation Template – Unlimited Options

Icon Creation Template – Unlimited Options

The idea behind this template is to quickly create Skin and Hotspot Icons with different colors and styles. You don’t have to purchase different templates to create color schemes to suit your project, or see what would work best.

There are over 130 icons included in this template, divided into 8 categories:

– Arrows (both forward facing in 8 different angles and ground arrows and for near and far placement)
– Alphanumeric (simple numbers and letters)
– Go To Arrows (bend and twisted arrows)
– Social Media Icons (logos for most popular social media platforms and related icons)
– Media Icons (To indicate different types of clickable media)
– Go To Hotspots (Icons to indicate different points of interest i.e. drone shots, buildings, entrance/exit etc.)
– Info Icons
– UI Icons (That can be used in your skin design or in the tour as Hotspots)

13 Easy to customize pre-made backgrounds and 28 Arrow Styles, creating unlimited number of combinations. No more need to buy different asset pack to have icons in the style you want.