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  • MacNimation – Fruit&Veg

    A Collection of Spinning Fruit and Vegetables. Ideal for learning and gamification projects. Use them as icons or Hot spots.
    Add a Fun element to a treasure hunt tour or E-learning module.
    An Animated APNG and a static PNG is provided for each item.

  • MacNimation – Gamification

    A Fun set of 18 animated PNG (APNG) icons. These are ideal for Gamification elements or Treasure hunts within a tour.

  • MacNimation-Chevrons-White-Animated 1 Arrow

    A Complete set of 1 moving Arrow Chevrons in 8 Directions. Each of the 8 Directions has 6 perspective angles that will cover literally all angles within a panorama.

    *The Gallery Image only shows 4 of the 8 angles. (You get the idea).

    A total of 48 APNG animated hotspots

  • MacNimation-Chevrons-White-Animated

    A Complete set of 3 Arrow Chevrons in 8 Directions. Each of the 8 Directions has 6 perspective angles that will cover literally all angles within a panorama. The Gallery Image only shows 4 of the 8 angles. (You get the idea). A total of 48 APNG animated hotspots

  • MacNimation – Chevron – White – Static

    A Set of White 3 Arrow Chevrons. This set is a static, not animating set.
    8 Angles and each angle has 6 perspective angles that will cover almost all angles in a panoramas close and far to maintain the look of realism in the placement of the hot spots

  • MacNimation – Pulse -Basic Animated Hotspots – Green

    2 different Animated basic sets of pulsating hotspots in Green and White. Each set has 13 Hotspots that covers the very basics to get get you going.

  • Virtual PhotoBooth

    Virtual PhotoBooth for 3DVista Hosting Services

    Once you have made the purchase, contact me at labicone@gmail.com to obtain the personal code for the creation of the storage connected to your QR-Code.

    This version was developed specifically for users who use the 3DVista Cloud Hosting service It uses an external cloud service to execute php scripts and store the images taken (One year of photo storage is included from code creation).

    If you have your own Hosting service that allows the execution of PHP scripts, contact me for the complete service and all the package and costs.
    ***Frequent FREE updates***


    Activate mobile devices to take photos and send them to the service, the photos can be viewed in the gallery.

    Demo: https://www.lastshotproduction.it/3DVistaPhotoBooth/demo/

    Package Included:

    – Sample 3DVista file  project.

    – Photobooth service linked.

    – Android / iOS compatible mobile webapp to take photos with timer (portrait and landscape format).

    – Access to html page with animation for QR Code reading

    – Dynamic QR Code plugin to redirect mobile devices.

  • APNG icon: Click and Drag to look around (black)

    Without any background, transparent
    Animated button and wheel
    This APNG live https://xvidia.nl/3dvista-market/#mouse
    Transparent area is 700×700 px
    Mouse is about 240×380 px by 100%
    Size 1.89 MB
    FPS adjustable, scalable
    tip: when put onto project make sure the * Transparent area is activated * checkbox is checked.

  • Fade in / out animations for hotspots

    Animated fade in and fade out transitions for hotspots

  • ceramic chicken bowl

    Bowl made of ceramic With chicken patterns and leaves around

  • Hand Drawn Animated Arrows

    This is a collection of hand-drawn animated arrows you can use as hotspots.


  • Live Pano Hotspot Button Overlay

    Demo Link: https://storage.net-fs.com/hosting/6523375/1/index.htm
    Note: this is a low rez GIF preview. To see the full resolution demo click link above.

    This a transparent overlay file to place over your own small globe/smallplanet media, Imitating a sunset on the button pano during rollover.

    Purchase includes a video tutorial within the download.


  • Sale!

    6 Pack Stackable Animated Navigation Icons


    Includes 6 different icons, can be stacked with other icons in the set to create your on custom buttons and effects.



  • MacNimation – Animated Drone Set for Hot spots

    A Set of animated PNG files of a Phantom 3 Professional and a Mavic Pro 2.
    These are highly detailed 3D Models rendered at 24 fps in 2, 4 and 10 second looping animations. Use the ones you require. The 10 second animations are larger file sizes so test to make sure they will work in your environment.
    All Animated pngs have been optimized to retain quality and reduce the file size as much as possible.
    The animated GIF in the Gallery shows the animated Drones in 3DVista.

  • MacNimation Drone Basic Set

    A Set of 4 Drone animated Icons that can be used as Drone Hot spots in Panoramas. Each Set of 4 comes in 5 colours. Black, White, Blue, Red and Orange.

  • Sale!

    Modern Clean Skin v1

    Most people don’t have 30 or 40 hours to build a skin from scratch, not a problem, we did it for you! A clean skin with everything you need for someone that needs to hit the ground running.

  • Mega Pack 400 Animated Icons Hotspots

    400 Animated Hotspots Icons designed for maximum usability in any project.
    Each icon has its unique animation and are infinite loopable. All animated icons have a transparent background and you can add any background icon behind it making the icons perfect for any project.

  • MacNimation 360 Animated APNG Icons in Black

    A set of 4 Animated APNG icons displaying the 360 VR world. Each Icon is seamlessly looping.  If you would like your own logo in place of the text please let me know.

  • MacNimation – Spinning Earth

    This is 4 Spinning Earth Globes with Transparency. Each Icon comes in 2 sizes large and small. The small can be used as a skin element and the large can be used as a loading animation, or wherever you require a larger detailed version. The animated gif thumbnail is lower quality and the loop is seamless.

  • MacNimation – Panorama Hotspots – White with Drop Shadow

    This is a set of Hot-spots intended for Panoramas and not Skin elements. White with animated borders and transparent fill and animated icon. 8 Arrow directions in 6 Perspectives to suit all panorama angles as required.
    Also 20 matching animated icons for use in Panoramas also.
    Also an animated matching dot hot-spot that can be used as a general hot-spot, also in 6 perspectives.
    Also, a set of static png files of the 8 arrows that can also be used as a placeholder and the animated icons used as a roll-over…your choice.
    If you want this same set in a different color then please contact me by leaving a comment.

    *I have over 200 Icon Symbols in my Catalog that I designed and it does not make sense to provide a set with all icons as most may not be required by individuals. If you like the set but require other icon symbols please purchase and comment that you want additional icons in the set. I will email you back and we then work on it. I will offer up to 3 free additional icons of you needs. Over 3 I may need to charge.