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  • MacNimation 360 Animated Icons White

    A set of 6 (2 Bonus) Animated icons displaying the 360 VR world. Each Icon is seamlessly looping. The GIF image only shows a 10 second loop, the skipping does not apply to the icons. If you would like your own logo in place of the text please let me know.

  • Sale! Footsteps Hotspot

    Animated: Footsteps Hotspot

    Footsteps hotspot, animated hotspots.

  • Mouse and Navigation Instruction Control – French

    This is a Mouse Control Instructional graphic in French that can be added so that it shows at the beginning of a Tour on Start and also can be shown with the click of a icon when required. The grey background in the image is not in the downloaded file. It is white on transparent background.

  • MacNimation Modern – Black

    A modern design hotspot set. Black icons with a white faded blurred background

  • APNG icon: Click & Drag to look around (Dansk)

    APNG icon: Click & Drag to Look Around (Dansk)
    See in action: xvidia.nl/market/dansk  (35 fps in a sample, adjustable from 1 to 60 fps)

  • MacNimation Modern White – Animated APNG

    This set contains 8 Directions in 4 Perspectives of Flat, 45 degrees, 60 Degrees and 75 Degrees. Each of the 4 perspectives is seen in the image. The 8 directions are Forward, Top Right, Right, Bottom Right, Back, Bottom Left, Left, Top Left. A total of 32 APNG files. If you want a custom set of these please purchase and email me with your request. Add Set 2 – Same set but Arrow stays longer and a slight opacity to the background.

  • Clean Skin (Updated – V2)

    A clean 3D Vista skin with all elements layd out for you. If you’re new to 3D Vista or you don’t have the time to layout the things yourself then this skin is for you. It will save you time. Instructions included. See a preview here!

    By buying this skin you get the animated foorsteps, animated mouse and animated phone for FREE!!

    Version 2 has now all the social media share options added, and a more clean intro window.

  • Drone gps markers

    98 GPS Markers, animated PNGs

  • Virtual Tour Loading Icon set

    8x linear loaders apngs, 25fps
    8x cirlce loaders with counters and same without counters 16fps, various sizes
    320×320, 480×480, 960×960
    All with transparent background.