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  • New Age Art Gallery Pack “Small”

    This pack contains 21 high quality renderings, to create your own art gallery.

  • MacNimation – Fruit&Veg

    A Collection of Spinning Fruit and Vegetables. Ideal for learning and gamification projects. Use them as icons or Hot spots.
    Add a Fun element to a treasure hunt tour or E-learning module.
    An Animated APNG and a static PNG is provided for each item.

  • MacNimation – Gamification

    A Fun set of 18 animated PNG (APNG) icons. These are ideal for Gamification elements or Treasure hunts within a tour.

  • Multicolor 2.5D Animated Coin Hotspots

    As set of 30 cute Animated 2.5D Coin Icons to use as hotspots in 3DV

    – Unique design and smooth animation

    – 6 vibrant colors to choose from

    – 180 Icons in total

    – 500x500px @25fps

  • Virtual PhotoBooth

    Virtual PhotoBooth for 3DVista Hosting Services

    Once you have made the purchase, contact me at labicone@gmail.com to obtain the personal code for the creation of the storage connected to your QR-Code.

    This version was developed specifically for users who use the 3DVista Cloud Hosting service It uses an external cloud service to execute php scripts and store the images taken (One year of photo storage is included from code creation).

    If you have your own Hosting service that allows the execution of PHP scripts, contact me for the complete service and all the package and costs.
    ***Frequent FREE updates***


    Activate mobile devices to take photos and send them to the service, the photos can be viewed in the gallery.

    Demo: https://cloud.3dvista.com/hosting/6453212/0/

    Package Included:

    – Sample 3DVista file  project.

    – Photobooth service linked.

    – Android / iOS compatible mobile webapp to take photos with timer (portrait and landscape format).

    – Access to html page with animation for QR Code reading

    – Dynamic QR Code plugin to redirect mobile devices.

  • 2.5D Animated Coin Hotspot Arrows

    As set of cute Animated 2.5D Coin Arrow Icons to use as hotspots in 3DV

    – Unique design and smooth animation

    – 6 vibrant colors to choose from

    – 48 Icons

    – 500x500px @25fps

  • MacNimation – Animated Drone Set for Hot spots

    A Set of animated PNG files of a Phantom 3 Professional and a Mavic Pro 2.
    These are highly detailed 3D Models rendered at 24 fps in 2, 4 and 10 second looping animations. Use the ones you require. The 10 second animations are larger file sizes so test to make sure they will work in your environment.
    All Animated pngs have been optimized to retain quality and reduce the file size as much as possible.
    The animated GIF in the Gallery shows the animated Drones in 3DVista.

  • MacNimation Drone Basic Set

    A Set of 4 Drone animated Icons that can be used as Drone Hot spots in Panoramas. Each Set of 4 comes in 5 colours. Black, White, Blue, Red and Orange.

  • Sale! Animated Hotspots Pins List (66)

    66 Animated Pins Icons Hotspots

    66 Animated Pins/Icons Hotspots designed for maximum usability in any project.
    Each Animated Pin has its unique animation and are infinite loopable. All animated Pins have a transparent background.