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  • Virtual PhotoBooth

    Virtual PhotoBooth for 3DVista Hosting Services

    Once you have made the purchase, contact me at labicone@gmail.com to obtain the personal code for the creation of the storage connected to your QR-Code.

    This version was developed specifically for users who use the 3DVista Cloud Hosting service It uses an external cloud service to execute php scripts and store the images taken (One year of photo storage is included from code creation).

    If you have your own Hosting service that allows the execution of PHP scripts, contact me for the complete service and all the package and costs.
    ***Frequent FREE updates***


    Activate mobile devices to take photos and send them to the service, the photos can be viewed in the gallery.

    Demo: https://cloud.3dvista.com/hosting/6453212/0/

    Package Included:

    – Sample 3DVista file  project.

    – Photobooth service linked.

    – Android / iOS compatible mobile webapp to take photos with timer (portrait and landscape format).

    – Access to html page with animation for QR Code reading

    – Dynamic QR Code plugin to redirect mobile devices.

  • 2.5D Animated Coin Hotspot Arrows

    As set of cute Animated 2.5D Coin Arrow Icons to use as hotspots in 3DV

    – Unique design and smooth animation

    – 6 vibrant colors to choose from

    – 48 Icons

    – 500x500px @25fps

  • MacNimation – Animated Drone Set for Hot spots

    A Set of animated PNG files of a Phantom 3 Professional and a Mavic Pro 2.
    These are highly detailed 3D Models rendered at 24 fps in 2, 4 and 10 second looping animations. Use the ones you require. The 10 second animations are larger file sizes so test to make sure they will work in your environment.
    All Animated pngs have been optimized to retain quality and reduce the file size as much as possible.
    The animated GIF in the Gallery shows the animated Drones in 3DVista.

  • MacNimation Drone Basic Set

    A Set of 4 Drone animated Icons that can be used as Drone Hot spots in Panoramas. Each Set of 4 comes in 5 colours. Black, White, Blue, Red and Orange.

  • Sale! Animated Hotspots Pins List (66)

    66 Animated Pins Icons Hotspots

    66 Animated Pins/Icons Hotspots designed for maximum usability in any project.
    Each Animated Pin has its unique animation and are infinite loopable. All animated Pins have a transparent background.

  • MacNimation – Spinning Earth

    This is 4 Spinning Earth Globes with Transparency. Each Icon comes in 2 sizes large and small. The small can be used as a skin element and the large can be used as a loading animation, or wherever you require a larger detailed version. The animated gif thumbnail is lower quality and the loop is seamless.

  • Sale!

    Blckdesign – Mega Pack 2 Animated icons (9 color sets)

    Full Mega Pack with the 9 color sets of Animated Icons Set 2 by Blckdesign.

    – Black set (71 animated icons)
    – Brown set (71 animated icons)
    – Orange set (71 animated icons)
    – Red set (71 animated icons)
    – Purple set (71 animated icons)
    – Green set (71 animated icons)
    – Blue set (71 animated icons)
    – Dark blue set (71 animated icons)
    – Violet set (71 animated icons)

    Keep your panoramas clearer with these small and homogeneous icons, and reveal the content of the icon only when the user mouse over it. An original way of interacting with content.
    Perfect visibility on any type of background.
    639 total elements (24fps apng files), included different perspectives and degrees of Arrows to adapt to any “floor” (left, left up, up, right and right up)

    You can change the animation speed in VT Pro (FPS option) or use them as static icons.

    See demo: Animated Icons Tour Example

    *Compatible Style/color to use in combination with Mega Pack Animated Icons (same icons, different animation)

  • Sale! 40 Construction Animated Hotspot List

    40 Construction Animated Hotspot Icons

    40 Construction Animated Hotspot Icons perfect for contructoin tours but designed for maximum usability in any project. Each icon has its unique animation and are infinite loopable. All animated icons have a rounded 50% transparency background

  • Sale! 43 Military Weapons Animated Hotspots Icons

    43 Military Weapons Animated Hotspot Icons

    43 Military Weapons Animated Hotspots Icons perfect for gamification tours but designed for maximum usability in any project. Each icon has its unique animation and are infinite loopable. All animated icons have a rounded 50% transparency background.

  • MacNimation – Basic Skin+

    A Basic Skin setup with lots of extras. Designed to get you up and running and fully customizable

  • 300 Enhanced Pop up and Nav Essentials! (see gallery for complete current inventory)


    Nav and Pop Up icons and elements with a bit of “flare.” For tours that rely essentially on “hot spots” that include Video, Photos, Info, Web Links, plus massive variations on floor circles (solid and transparent) and passing through doors. Especially strong for Architectural related tours. Makes the hot spots in your tours stand out and become easier to see with colorful accents, glossy finishes and unique designs. All static designs for a classy and contemporary look, avoiding the distractful pulsating feature of other animated icons. Most also have a slight shadow effect; including sets with an “under” shadow effect, for countertop placement! Also includes sets for pop ups that point with pinpoint accuracy, including DYI versions with flexibility. File set also includes instructions on how to download all future icon and button additions, FREE, Forever!!!  (All files are Windows .PNG)

  • Animated Pulsating Bubble for Logo/Hotspot – Fully Assembled in PS

    Presenting to you the Animated Pulsating Bubble.
    Entirely done within Photoshop, so you won’t have to make use of any other software.
    Can upload your logos or buttons to make them pulsate.
    Remove the border or change the colour of the border to further customize it as per your project.

    You can check the working here.

  • Sale!

    Virtual Keyboard

    The first-ever Keyboard element (container) for password entry.
    Entirely built inside 3dvista, so no additional scripting knowledge required.
    If you have a restricted Panorama and wish to provide one password for everyone (paid visit) to get the access then this can be used.
    Can provide secure password method for various tasks as the submit button is going to cause a user included action so any type of action can be defined.

  • Instructions – English, German & Only Images

    Still, png instructions set for Desktop and mobile which you can directly place inside 3dvista.
    Easy to use and can include text from your own language.
    Desktop and mobile instructions are included.

  • Sale!

    21 set of animated button set with text, arrow , and icon , ” *.apng “

    Animated popup icon button with all symbol, set of 21 animated button  basic requirement of text, 3d icon, and animated arrows, all are with ” *.apng  “format, with pre-text , ver useful for making virtual tour for villa, interior,

    you can use it also as a button

    Click here to view sample link : Sample demo

  • Sale!

    Customized Tab Menu

    An advanced skin for the advance users.
    It allows you to have more space to view the panorama while keeping the menus hidden.
    The tabs are fully customized and built within 3DVista.
    Customize the colour of the elements to your liking.
    Fully responsive for desktop and mobile version.
    Icons can be changed further and the properties of the tab can be changed as well.

    Check the Preview here.

  • Sale!

    Centralized Skin

    A simple and minimalist modern skin with a top menu.
    It allows you to have more space to view the panorama while keeping the main menu hidden.
    Customize the colour of the elements to your liking.
    Fully responsive for desktop and mobile version.
    Everything is done within 3DVista itself, so you don’t have to make use of any other third-party software.

    See the Preview Here!

  • Elegant Vehicle skin

    • A simple to use skin which works especially well for vehicles!
    • You can view a sample of the skin here!
    • Photoshop files included for easy customization!
  • Icon Creation Template – Unlimited Options

    The idea behind this template is to quickly create Skin and Hotspot Icons with different colors and styles. You don’t have to purchase different templates to create color schemes to suit your project, or see what would work best.

    There are over 130 icons included in this template, divided into 8 categories:

    – Arrows (both forward facing in 8 different angles and ground arrows and for near and far placement)
    – Alphanumeric (simple numbers and letters)
    – Go To Arrows (bend and twisted arrows)
    – Social Media Icons (logos for most popular social media platforms and related icons)
    – Media Icons (To indicate different types of clickable media)
    – Go To Hotspots (Icons to indicate different points of interest i.e. drone shots, buildings, entrance/exit etc.)
    – Info Icons
    – UI Icons (That can be used in your skin design or in the tour as Hotspots)

    13 Easy to customize pre-made backgrounds and 28 Arrow Styles, creating unlimited number of combinations. No more need to buy different asset pack to have icons in the style you want.

  • MacNimation Grey on Pink Set Only Full

    A complete set of 127 Icons with a Grey logo on a Pink Background Round. Outer shadow. There is a complementary set also that can be purchased and used as a reverse roll over effect.