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  • 3D Elements – VTL and APNGs

    21x 3D Elements, animated apngs – endless loop, 12fps

    package files: 21x PNG, 1x All VTLs


  • 12 Hotspot Gems – APNG & VTL

    12 Hotspot Gems,  animated apngs – endless loop.


  • 13 Trees – APNGs and VTL Files

    13 Trees, all animated, 3 of them have calm and windy animations – endless loop.

    package contains apng and VTL files



  • 1 single drone – 4 sizes

    1 single drone, one viewing angle, 4 sizes, animated apngs – endless loop.


  • 3D Panorama Camera move instruction animations + graphic options

    4 Individual animated 3D Camera move Instructions in APNG format.

    Each one is on a transparent background. Add your own text or instructions by using the 3DVista Containers in the skin section. You have Move Left, Right, Up Down, Orbit, Pan and Tilt and Rotate.

    Also provided are png graphic files in both black and orange. Each element is provided separately so you can place them in any order you wish.

    Check out my many other items available in the Marketplace.

  • 100 still travel icons (PNG & VTL)

    All icons as PNG & one complete VTL file to import to your library


  • 37 Map Markers & Free Bonus pack (PNG & VTL)

    37 Map Markers & Free Bonus pack (PNG & VTL)


  • 7 Rotating Earth Globes incl. Bonus pack

    7 different Earth globes

    as free Bonus pack following animated files:

    2 additional large file size earth globes

    1 atom

    2 spherical particles

  • 131 Animated Colorful Hotspots – VTL and PNG

    131 Animated colorful Hotspots as vtl and png files

  • ANIMATED AVATAR KELLY – 62 different moves

    Animated avatar “Kelly” with 62 different Moves

  • Blckdesign Complete Skin 03

    Complete Skin, ideal for Real Estate and Tourism, although adaptable to any project.

    Neat and clean design. Get a professional look on your tours thanks to this useful and intuitive Skin.

    Responsive Screens and adaptive Mobile version.

    Customize the colors to suit any project. All yellow elements are easily editable without using external programs.

    Save hours of work, just import the Skin and change the information.

    See demo: Blckdesign Complete Skin 03

    Video Tutorial of “How to use” included.


  • Macnimation – Rounded Glass – Rainbow – 162 icons

    This is a rounded Glass set of 162 icons.
    The icons set comes in 3 sizes to help resize without losing quality.

    If you would like this set in another colour or with different icons ( I have over 500 custom made icons available specifically for 360 tours) purchase this set then contact me by sending me a message through the email provided in the email text file bundled.


  • Blckdesign – Animated Button Menus (Settings & Share options)

    Complete Drop-down menu with the most common options to control the Settings of your Virtual Tours (VR, Fullscreen, Mute, etc.) It also includes a second menu (combinable or not) with the Sharing options of the main platforms (Whatstapp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
    All buttons have an eye-catching animated rollover effect.
    The product includes an importable library with 4 Menu Variants:
    – Menu 1: In neutral black color.
    – Menu 2: In blue. With a different opening and closing animation of the menu.
    – Menu 3: In red. Only the Settings menu is visible. The Sharing one is hidden so it can be activated if needed.
    – Menu 4: Transparent color. A single menu with all the Settings and Sharing options in the same space.

    The 4 Menus have their corresponding version for mobile format. The library in total includes 8 different elements (4 desktop and 4 mobile).

    Button background colors are fully editable. Although you can use one of the 4 preset colors, from the program you can change the color in the different states of the button. Icons with animation have a fixed white color, so the background can be changed to any color and the button will display correctly.

    Library file (.vtl) provided

    Icons resolution: 100x100px.

    This product matches perfectly with the entire Blckdesign animated hotspot icon series

    See demo in action

    Video tutorial (with how to import, change colors, remove or reorder buttons)


  • Sale!

    DOMUS – Luxury Estates – PSD Template.

    Domus is a set of 11 Photoshop template files suitable for creating a virtual office space environment with pre-positioned artwork in equirectangular projection. All you have to do is swap the graphics in the “asset” folder with your own artwork and export the result! Full VTP project is included.

    Demo: https://ezovr.com/Domus/

    Quick Start Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGhE8bnwIAY&t


  • Big Frame Pack 04 – 128 Frames

    “Frame04” is a set of:

    • 128 x frame (4000×3000 px) – 100% png-file

    All picture frames to preview: click here!


    Your wylder team


  • 19 animated Social Media Chrome Icons

    19 Social media animated icons, each has 2 variants (1 loop and endless loop), all with transparent background

  • Sale!


    The Mega pack includes 376 animated pictogram png buttons, 2 loop versions and for each button a single png file to use for roll over effects.

  • Drone shot icon animated (5 versions set)

    Set of five animated icons for air shots. Inside shutter element is animated.

  • 115 animated Emojis

    115 Animated PNG Emojis transparent BG

  • Sale!

    198 waving Flags for Ukraine – 100% donation

    198 waving flags for Ukraine, all my earnings with this sales will be donated to red cross for Ukraine.

    proof of donation will be posted in facebook group.