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  • Mixed Animated Buttons

    The package includes 60 mixed animated Buttons

  • Social Media Share Button Set incl. ready to use VTL Container

    With this package you get a VTL file container to import it into 3DVista Library for the new 3DVista social media share actions
    icons in container included: screenshot, Undo, Redo, share – > Telegram, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Copy to clipboard, send URL to mail

    try it: https://shareiconcontainersample.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/index.htm


  • 10 animated Social Media Icons

    10 Social animated icons, each has 2 variants (roll out & cut), all transparent background

  • Apng Arrow Set

    Different arrows with transparent background.

  • Sale!

    Virtual Tour Loading Icon set

    8x linear loaders apngs, 25fps
    8x cirlce loaders with counters and same without counters 16fps, various sizes
    320×320, 480×480, 960×960
    All with transparent background.

  • Sale!

    Drone gps markers

    98 GPS Markers, animated PNGs

  • Hygiene APNG Icons

    This is a Hygiene / Corona Icon pack

  • Realistic Drone APNGs

    Realistic Drone apngs files, 1x Front view, 1x Back view, 1x Front side view, 1x Side view. each one has 6 dimension, sizes and fps, transparent Background.

  • Sale!

    Hotel Animated apng Icons incl Hygiene and Bonus Travel Pack

    This is an apng Icon pack (50 animated icons) for Hotel VR tours including a corona icon package (36 animated icons) plus a Bonus pack with over 80 animated icons

  • Sale! Multipurpose restaurant skin

    Multipurpose restaurant skin

    Click here for VIDEO SPOT

    NEW designed skin for presenting your 360 panorama in a NEW WAY.

    It is a awesome way to make your customer enjoy most the tour by choosing this skin. It is made for restaurant but it is Multipurpose and so adaptable to any project. Responsive Screens and adaptive Mobile version.

    Super easy to use, responsive and ready to run! with this SKIN will be included, all images as vector(.xd, .pdf) so that you can change the color as you like, and if you need all the design construction. ENJOY!

    If  you don’t have the time to layout the things yourself then this skin is for you. It will save you time

    Take a look on how it works on a DEMO. Click here

  • Blckdesign Complete Skin 02

    Complete Skin, ideal for Real Estate and Tourism, although adaptable to any project.

    Neat and clean design. Get a professional look on your tours thanks to this useful and intuitive Skin.

    Responsive Screens and adaptive Mobile version.

    Customize the colors to suit any project. All green elements are easily editable without using external programs.

    Save hours of work, just import the Skin and change the information.

    See demo: Blckdesign Complete Skin 02

    Video Tutorial of “How to use”, step by step, included.

  • MacNimation – Black Pulsating Set

    A Set of 62 animated hot spots with a pulsating action. Also compatible with the new Hot spot Editor. (When available)
    Also bundled is the matching set of Pulsating icons in different perspectives already available in the marketplace.

  • MacNimation – Hotspot Kit

    A set of 30 coloured pulsating Hotspots. This hotspots are compatible with the new Hot spot Editor.

    A Set of 149 icons in white

    A set of 149 icons in black ( The black icons in the example gallery are the same as the white ones)

    You can either just use the hot spots or their own, and with the new editor rotate them 360 degrees to suit the panoramas perspective.

    You can also overlay the icons to either always be showing or, add actions to show and hide on mouse event. (Example animation in the Gallery)

  • MacNimation – Coloured Hotspots based on Circle Point 1

    A Set of 12 Animated hotspots based on the Default Circle Point 1 in 3Dvista.
    Ideals as Hotspots and ready for the new Hotspot Editor.

  • Macnimation-Chevrons 2-Multicolored

    A Set of 18 Chevrons in 9 colours and 2 styles. Each of the 9 colours comes in a solid and a stroked effect.
    Ideally suited for the new Hotspot editor where you can rotate on the x,y and also z axis to fit any direction and axis in a panorama.

  • Macnimation-Chevrons-Multicolored

    A Set of 18 Chevrons in 9 colours and 2 styles. Each of the 9 colours comes in a solid and a stroked effect.
    A Glow is also applied to give a slight Neon effect.
    Ideally suited for the new Hotspot editor where you can rotate on the x,y and also z axis to fit any direction and axis in a panorama.

  • Ricoh Theta V Welcome Message for loading Screen

    A Great option for a cool loading window or part of a Welcome screen message.
    This is a 4 second animated PNG file with transparent background with the word Welcome spinning in the opposite direction to the Theta V.
    Also bundled is the same animation but as a .MOV video file with both a Green screen and a Blue screen Background. This can be use as a video in the Loading window also or, can be used as a floating window in the skin using the Chroma removal tool.
    It also comes bundles with 2 PNG still images with transparent Background in different poses and can be placed and used anywhere. Also a PNG file with a smaller dimension of the front facing camera.

    If you would like this animation with custom text or message please add a comment or review.