New Age Art Gallery Pack “Free Demo”

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  • New Age Art Gallery Pack “Free Demo”

    This demo pack contains 2 high quality renderings, of the “New Age Art Gallery Pack Medium”.

  • Art Gallery – 10K Resolution with 14 Panoramas & Grid

    A modern art gallery in 10,000 x 5,000 resolutions with open space and wide to avoid unnecessary attention.

    This product comes with;
    1. Panoramas x 14
    2. Floorplan indicating the location of the panoramas
    3. Sleek reception design for branding
    4. Floorplan indicating the location of the panoramas
    5. Grid

  • APNG icon: Click & Drag to look around (Dansk)

    APNG icon: Click & Drag to Look Around (Dansk)
    See in action:  (35 fps in a sample, adjustable from 1 to 60 fps)

  • Buy Window Red

    Instructions for using this component in Virtual Tour Pro:

    – Download and unzip the .zip file.
    – In Virtual Tour Pro, go to the top menu option File / Import / User’s Hotspots & Skin Library and select the unzipped file (.vtl). This will add it to your library (this step is the same for buttons, hotspots, etc.)
    – Go to the “skin” tab and click on the “Sets” icon on the right. Search for the new component, click on its thumbnail, hit the “select” button and click on your screen to add it.


    This is not a Photoshop template, stock renderings only. 
    30 Spherical panorama renderings of a warehouse. Suitable for creating virtual exhibitions and galleries. Multiple layers for optional panorama manipulations are included such as: Lighting Overlay, ZDepth, Mask, Placement Grid. All panoramas are:  12000x6000px

  • White Sketch Icons Set

    Set of icons to use as Hotspots in your Virtual Tours in White color.
    The set is composed of a multitude of icons to be used for the most common actions: Open video, photo, photoalbum, audio, url, etc …
    The icons are designed to be visible and highlighted on any type of background.

  • Mouse and Navigation Control Instruction

    A Mouse Control and Navigation Instruction.

  • MacNimation – Black Pulsating Set

    A Set of 62 animated hot spots with a pulsating action. Also compatible with the new Hot spot Editor. (When available)
    Also bundled is the matching set of Pulsating icons in different perspectives already available in the marketplace.


    Click here for VIDEO SPOT

    A new designed skin for presenting your 360 panorama in a NEW WAY.

    It is a new way to make your customer enjoy most the tour by choosing this skin.

    Super easy to use, responsive and ready to run! with the SKIN will be included, all images as vector so that you can change the color as you like, all the design construction. ENJOY!

    If  you don’t have the time to layout the things yourself then this skin is for you. It will save you time

    Take a look on how it works on a DEMO. Click here