Skin Lateral Thumblist Pink

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  • Skin Lateral Thumblist Pink

    Modern skin with a useful side navigation menu.
    It allows you to organize the different panoramas of your virtual tour by grouping them in categories and showing them by thumbnail lists.
    Customize the color of the elements to your liking.
    Fully responsive for desktop and mobile version.

    Here you can see a Sample tour

  • Tripod Caps Set 02

    Set of tripod caps in different colors.
    Designed to cover the tripod in your panoramas. You can use them directly, or customize them and use them as a design base to put your company logo on top.
    Four different colors and three variations for each color.

  • Tripod Cap Set 01 (Compass)

    Set of compass-style tripod caps.
    Designed to cover the tripod in your panoramas and to define the panorama’s correct orientation.
    Four different colors.

    Here you can see a sample tour

  • Green “Go to” Icons Set

    Set of icons to use as “Go to Panorama” Hotspots in Green color.
    The set is composed of arrow icons in all directions, and each of them with varying degrees of perspective.
    The arrows are designed to be visible and highlighted on any type of background.

  • Green Icons Set

    Set of icons to use as Hotspots in your Virtual Tours in Green color.
    The set is composed of a multitude of icons to be used in the most common actions: Open video, photo, photoalbum, audio, url, etc …
    The icons are designed to be visible and highlighted on any type of background.

  • Great Hall 10K Virtual Gallery (V1.0)

    Great hall is a set of:

    • 24 x gallery high-quality panoramas (10k PSD – 10240×5120 )
    • 31 x placeholder for pre-positioned exhibits as linked smart object (PSD).
    • detailed tutorial

    demo: click here!

    video tutorial:

    Photoshop V22
    (The previous versions may not transform/distort the placeholder images correctly).



    WAREHOUSE PSD is a set of 13 PSD files of a virtual gallery with pre-positioned artwork in equirectangular projection. All you have to do is swap 30 placeholder files with your own artwork and export the result.

    Photoshop v21 + (The previous versions will not correctly transform/warp placeholder images)

    V1.0 – Initial Release

  • Password Protect: htaccess+htpasswd files

    Take the files from the tutorial ( and customize them to your own needs.
    Replace USERNAME and VIRTUALTOURFOLDER with your own. And follow the steps in the tutorial.

    Works only on webservers using Apache.

    Webservers using something else such as NGINX, doesn’t work.

    If you don’t know which webserver you’re using, contact your hosting provider.


  • TORIOX- Virtual Gallery Pack 2SETS- 8K +Transparent Frames

    24 High quality panoramas for virtual gallery space with guide layer. (8000x4000px)
    Multiple sets with and without frames including Mask & Zdepth.