MacNimation 3D Spinning Your Logo

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  • MacNimation 3D Spinning Your Logo

    An Animated 360 icon. You can purchase this example icon, then contact me via my email address, and providing me with a vector file (SVG) or a high quality PNG file I will put your logo into the animation. (If interested please give me up to 2 working days to send it to you, sooner if possible). The shown animated image is a low quality GIF. The actual file will be a high quality APNG.

  • MacNimation 360 Animated Icons White

    A set of 6 (2 Bonus) Animated icons displaying the 360 VR world. Each Icon is seamlessly looping. The GIF image only shows a 10 second loop, the skipping does not apply to the icons. If you would like your own logo in place of the text please let me know.

  • Sale! Footsteps Hotspot

    Animated: Footsteps Hotspot

    Footsteps hotspot, animated hotspots.

  • Mouse and Navigation Instruction Control – French

    This is a Mouse Control Instructional graphic in French that can be added so that it shows at the beginning of a Tour on Start and also can be shown with the click of a icon when required. The grey background in the image is not in the downloaded file. It is white on transparent background.

  • MacNimation Modern – Black

    A modern design hotspot set. Black icons with a white faded blurred background

  • MacNimation Complete Set Grey

    A complete set of Grey icons

  • APNG icon: Click & Drag to look around (Portuguese)

    APNG icon: Click & Drag to Look Around (Portuguese)
    See in action:
    On request it is possible to deliver icon in other languages, fonts, logo – extra price € 10.-

  • Sound Music Pack 01

    Ambient Music pack for your virtual tours.

    Add dynamics to your virtual tours with this selection of “ambient” style songs.
    Perfect to have a quiet background music, and without taking the attention from the elements of your tour.

    24 songs to choose.

  • Sound Ambient Pack 01

    Ambient sound pack for your virtual tours.

    Create more immersive tours with the help of these sound tracks.
    34 different sounds grouped into 4 categories:
    – Beach
    – City
    – Nature
    – Factory