VR Headset Icon Set

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    VR Headset Icon Set

    High resolution VR Headset PNG icon buttons designed to give your Tours a more professional look. Included are different hover color headsets to match your tour color theme. Import as a Library. Includes item descriptions, Media Control VR Add Action, and hover colors assigned.

    Check out a Tour here to see!

  • Sound Music Pack 01

    Ambient Music pack for your virtual tours.

    Add dynamics to your virtual tours with this selection of “ambient” style songs.
    Perfect to have a quiet background music, and without taking the attention from the elements of your tour.

    24 songs to choose.

  • Sound Ambient Pack 01

    Ambient sound pack for your virtual tours.

    Create more immersive tours with the help of these sound tracks.
    34 different sounds grouped into 4 categories:
    – Beach
    – City
    – Nature
    – Factory

  • Buy Window Red

    Instructions for using this component in Virtual Tour Pro:

    – Download and unzip the .zip file.
    – In Virtual Tour Pro, go to the top menu option File / Import / User’s Hotspots & Skin Library and select the unzipped file (.vtl). This will add it to your library (this step is the same for buttons, hotspots, etc.)
    – Go to the “skin” tab and click on the “Sets” icon on the right. Search for the new component, click on its thumbnail, hit the “select” button and click on your screen to add it.

  • Skin Lateral Thumblist Pink

    Modern skin with a useful side navigation menu.
    It allows you to organize the different panoramas of your virtual tour by grouping them in categories and showing them by thumbnail lists.
    Customize the color of the elements to your liking.
    Fully responsive for desktop and mobile version.

    Here you can see a Sample tour

  • Skin Boat Green

    Nautic-inspired skin style in green.
    A variation of our blue boat skin, in a different color and new font. Perfect for simple tours, especially boats or other types of vehicles.
    The design includes a desktop version and an adapted mobile version.

    Here you can see a Sample tour

  • Tripod Cap Set 01 (Compass)

    Set of compass-style tripod caps.
    Designed to cover the tripod in your panoramas and to define the panorama’s correct orientation.
    Four different colors.

    Here you can see a sample tour

  • Tripod Caps Set 02

    Set of tripod caps in different colors.
    Designed to cover the tripod in your panoramas. You can use them directly, or customize them and use them as a design base to put your company logo on top.
    Four different colors and three variations for each color.

  • Blue “Go to” Icons Set

    Set of icons to use as “Go to Panorama” Hotspots in Blue color.
    The set is composed of arrow icons in all directions, and each of them with varying degrees of perspective.
    The arrows are designed to be visible and highlighted on any type of background.