3D Type Picture Hotspots

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  • 3D Type Picture Hotspots

    A set of three 3D type hotpot icons allowing you to add in your own pictures in the the middle to create a unique and different experience for your user.

  • 3D Metal Style Picture Frame

    This is a 3D Picture Frame that you can add to you panoramas to frame your prints or videos.

    The included file is a PNG file renamed in order to bring in as a Video Hotspot.

    I have included an image in the Picture Frame so that you can see what it looks like.

    Instructions on usage supplied with purchase.

  • Blckdesign – Animated icons Pack 2 (DarkRed)

    A complete set of Dark Red animated icons.

    Keep your panoramas clearer with these small and homogeneous icons, and reveal the content of the icon only when the user mouse over it. An original way of interacting with content.

    71 total elements (24fps apng files), included different perspectives and degrees of Arrows to adapt to any “floor” (left, left up, up, right and right up)

    You can change the animation speed in VT Pro (FPS option)

    See demo: Animated Icons Tour Example

    I can add new color versions to the market if users need it. (Write a comment/review)


  • Loading 360 Tour Video – 3D

    This is a short 3D mp4 file for your loading screen.

  • Animated Blue Popup, No Caption, No Shadow

    These are a set of Blue Animated (3D transparent background) icons without caption or shadow. On average these icons are around 50kb, so very small when it comes to animated icons.

    Add these to your tours for that extra appeal

  • MINI GALLERY – 12K (Dark & Light)

    12K (12000px by 6000px) Panoramas of a small generic gallery. 2 Versions included, dark and light. Each version contains 2 panoramas.


  • Pulse Animation for Hotspots

    Pulse animation for hotspots

  • MacNimation – Fruit&Veg

    A Collection of Spinning Fruit and Vegetables. Ideal for learning and gamification projects. Use them as icons or Hot spots.
    Add a Fun element to a treasure hunt tour or E-learning module.
    An Animated APNG and a static PNG is provided for each item.

  • MacNimation – Gamification

    A Fun set of 18 animated PNG (APNG) icons. These are ideal for Gamification elements or Treasure hunts within a tour.