12 Hotspot Gems – APNG & VTL

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  • 12 Hotspot Gems – APNG & VTL

    12 Hotspot Gems,  animated apngs – endless loop.


  • CSS Add On For Blaze Menu

    Important – In order for this solution to work, you must have purchased a copy of Blaze Menu from the 3DVista Marketplace.

    CSS and JS Addons – to work with Blaze Menu

    We have developed one detailed and comprehensive CSS file that works with with some cut and paste JS code that overrides some of the settings and adds fantastic additional functionality to the Blaze Menu you purchased.

    Here is a demo of what we have done to enhance Blaze Menu:

    Demo: https://bit.ly/3DtkRFA

    Easy set-up

    There is only one file that you need to upload to your server during the publish event with your other project files and some JavaScript code to paste into an Execute JavaScript action within your project. You only need to upload the CSS file once unless you want to make changes.

    Within the CSS Code, you can change the box size etc.

    Images will come from the Blaze Menu JSON file that you create.

    Best of all – No coding skills required

    You will be up and running in less than 15 minutes.

    That’s it!

    The custom CSS and JS files will make an excellent addition to anyone’s portfolio.

  • 13 Trees – APNGs and VTL Files

    13 Trees, all animated, 3 of them have calm and windy animations – endless loop.

    package contains apng and VTL files



  • 1 single drone – 4 sizes

    1 single drone, one viewing angle, 4 sizes, animated apngs – endless loop.


  • 3D Panorama Camera move instruction animations + graphic options

    4 Individual animated 3D Camera move Instructions in APNG format.

    Each one is on a transparent background. Add your own text or instructions by using the 3DVista Containers in the skin section. You have Move Left, Right, Up Down, Orbit, Pan and Tilt and Rotate.

    Also provided are png graphic files in both black and orange. Each element is provided separately so you can place them in any order you wish.

    Check out my many other items available in the Marketplace.

  • 100 still travel icons (PNG & VTL)

    All icons as PNG & one complete VTL file to import to your library


  • 37 Map Markers & Free Bonus pack (PNG & VTL)

    37 Map Markers & Free Bonus pack (PNG & VTL)


  • 7 Rotating Earth Globes incl. Bonus pack

    7 different Earth globes

    as free Bonus pack following animated files:

    2 additional large file size earth globes

    1 atom

    2 spherical particles

  • 131 Animated Colorful Hotspots – VTL and PNG

    131 Animated colorful Hotspots as vtl and png files

  • ANIMATED AVATAR KELLY – 62 different moves

    Animated avatar “Kelly” with 62 different Moves

  • Blaze Menu

    Blaze Menu is a Javascript based, interactive menu that will add a modern web application flavor to your tours

  • 3D Car Template – inspired by 3DVista V3 (Dec 28th)

    If you struggled like I did when the new 3D option came out, then you are not alone.  After watching some videos, I thought I would do a simple project that you can download and try.

    All the assets are freely available on the internet – so have included an assets folder with everything I used.This is a 3D Model Car Template inspired by 3DVista.

    This is just a template showing you how the 3D Model is setup so you can use for your own projects – use this as a starter or ue it as reference.

    We utilis the lights and environment function for day time reflections as well as nighttime.

    You can see the working file here – https://optimus360.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/Car%20Template%20-%20AWS/index.html

    I will update overtime with new features, so if you have already purchased, you will get the updates for FREE.

    All assets in the package are available online as FREE assets.

    Not optimized for Mobile Use at this time.


  • ExpoVirtuals 10K Virtual Gallery * 3DVista TEMPLATE

    Galería o sala de ventas
    8 Panoramas 10K (10.000×5.000)
    12 archivos de photoshop fácilmente actualizables
    1 espacio para pantalla de video
    1 espacio para logo
    Proyecto 3DVista con arte preposicionado

    ENLACE DEMO: https://expovirtuals.com/SV_001/
    ENLACE TUTORIAL: https://youtu.be/DsAkao4S_Tg

    Cualquier consulta puede escribir a: info.expovirtuals@gmail.com

  • Blckdesign Complete Skin 03

    Complete Skin, ideal for Real Estate and Tourism, although adaptable to any project.

    Neat and clean design. Get a professional look on your tours thanks to this useful and intuitive Skin.

    Responsive Screens and adaptive Mobile version.

    Customize the colors to suit any project. All yellow elements are easily editable without using external programs.

    Save hours of work, just import the Skin and change the information.

    See demo: Blckdesign Complete Skin 03

    Video Tutorial of “How to use” included.


  • Underwater Experience 8D 360 Binaural Audio

    Live an immersive 360 underwater audio experience. Feel the dolphins and whales around you, above and below you, enhance your tour with this 8D binaural audio.

    Length of the audio 01:39 (1 minute 39 secs)

    Listen to a small sample here

  • BIRDS 8D 360 Binaural Audio

    Birds ambient binaural 360 8D audio. It’s sound better with headphones!

    Listen to a small sample here

    Live360 Studio

  • HomeCINEMA 12k, by Virtual Artis (no Photoshop required)

    HomeCINEMA is a small private cinema that will take your video projection to another level, surprising your customers with the magic of a premium design cinema.

    The package contains a 12k panorama (12000 x 6000 px) and a 3dvista file with hotspots for embedded video, linked video (YouTube, Vimeo) and web viewer. You will only need to replace your content with the linked content.

    It also includes a manual for use.



    Embedded video

    Linked video from YouTube or Vimeo

    Web viewer


  • 2D – 3D Floor Plan

    Make your 3D floor plans with Greece360! Make your project more interesting! Use 3D floor plans and attract the interest of your customers

  • In-depth tracking, registration and login, payment gateway integration

    All in one microsite platform
    • Combine 3dvista with additional feature such as registration and login, advance tracking and analytics reporting, payment gateway, live chat with polls and Q&A

    • Registration and Login
    Users can register and fill in certain fields which you can view on the backend.
    Username and password will be emailed to the users

    • Advance Tracking
    When user login into the microsite with enter with their email and password, whatever hotspot or skin, the clicks will be tracked. With it, you will know each user journey. If GA is use, data will be anonymous.

    Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZHnH4oapYQMMrRVhyvvKt0FJ9eTSKjBF/view?usp=sharing

    • Live chat with Polls and Q&A
    Live chat can also be embedded to 3dvista and their login name will be shown.
    All users will be able to talk to one another and admin will have the ability to create Polls and Q&A

    • Payment Gateway
    We can integrate gateway such as stripe as a wall to unlock content or as a system to pay for a ticket before viewing the 360. This can be combine with our registration system which we know who have or have not paid for it

    This is a one time service. I do not sell the entire code. Per project, you would need to re-purchase this.

    Hosting have to be done by us as well.

    Price varies per project.
    For example, for 1 month of hosting with registration, login and tracking and chat function and 100pax of guests. It will be $4000 Euro

    Please write to market@3dvista.com to request this service.

  • Macnimation – Golf Course Flags – Generic Set

    This is a set of Animated PNG Golf course Flags.

    If you would like a further custom set of Golf Course Flags with the golf course log, or a set of 1-18 numbers, or flags with Tour icons  contact me by sending me a message through the email provided in the email text file bundled with the purchase.

    I can also create Nationality Flags if required